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Thirty-Five 450 ml

In stock
Product Details

450 ml

35% Food Grade

We offer OH! Thirty-Five for those who prefer the economy of diluting 35% themselves.

35% should only be used by persons familiar with Hydrogen Peroxide, its uses and the ways to dilute it safely and carefully.

If you are not familiar with using 35%, OH distributes a range of “ready to use” per-diluted 3% and 1% solutions of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Pre-diluted products are safer and more convenient to use. Please check our website for details.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Peroxide, sounds frightening, but it is merely a chemical term describing a molecule with two bonded atoms of Oxygen. As such, Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of two natural, non-toxic core elements.

Water (H2O) + Oxygen (O) = Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

For Home (at the correct dilutions)

Clean and sanitise surfaces, cutting board and sponges.

Whiten laundry.

Clean tiles and grout.

Remove stains including wine or blood stains.

Get rid of mould.

And many more.

For Health (at the correct dilutions)

May be used to treat athletes foot and nail fungus.

May be used to treat viral & and bacterial infections, bronchitis, colds, flu, cold sores, fungal infections, sore throats, persistent coughs, wound care & many more.

May be used as a mouth wash and to gargle.

May be used as a Throat or Nasal spray.

With prior consultation with your medical practitioner, may be used at the correct dilution in a nebuliser to treat viral & bacterial infections.

May be used in a Humidifier to disinfect rooms or offices.

Why Food Grade?

Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is one of the purest forms of hydrogen peroxide and does NOT contain stabilisers, metals or any additives.

Typically hydrogen peroxide found in pharmacies is not Food Grade and may contain stabilisers and metals. These bottles are often labelled as “10 Volume”, “20 Volume” etc.

Always check the labelling. Unless it specifically says “Food Grade”, or if it says for external use only, it may not be Food Grade.

It is safest to use Food Grade if you are considering using hydrogen peroxide to gargle, as a mouthwash or in humidifiers or nebulisers.

*For more info on each product, videos, medical papers, dosages and Ebooks scroll to the top of the page and go to the Menu tab of our main site

View our Tab "Dosages" for how to use. 35% must be diluted to 3% to be used for our dosages.

Dilute 1 part 35% to 11 parts water to get 3%

View our Tab "Fee E books" for a comprehensive list of illness that have been treated with H2O2.

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