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Sanitiser 100 ml

In stock
Product Details

OH! Sanitiser 100 ml

0,5% Hydrogen Peroxide inactivates viruses and is equivalent to 62-71% alcohol!

Which sounds safer to you?

1% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Keep our 100 ml bottle in your car, pocket or handbag:

  • You may decline being sprayed with alcohol on entering a shop by showing you carry your own sanitiser and sanitise in front of them with your OH!
  • Disinfect / sterilise hands, gloves, face masks, counters, tables, hard surfaces.
  • Disinfect ATM keyboards, elevator buttons, escalator handles, toilet seats
  • Disinfect credit cards, cash and coins, mobile phones - especially if they have been handled by someone else
  • Disinfect gym/sports equipment
  • Disinfect shopping trolleys and basket handles
  • Disinfect car steering wheels, gearsticks, handbrake, touchscreens and controls - especially if your car has been used by someone else, serviced or been in the panel beater. Use similarly if using a hire car.
  • Disinfect airline - bus - train armrests and tray tables, crockery cutlery and glassware. We recommend the same in restaurants
  • Pretty much disinfect anything that may have been used or touched by someone else

*For more info on each product, videos, medical papers, dosages and Ebooks scroll to the top of the page and go to the Menu tab of our main site

With prior consultation with you medical practitioner OH! may be used in a nebuliser to treat COVID. See "H2O2-COVID" for more detail

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