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Nasal Spray 30ml

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Product Details

OH! Nasal Spray 30 ml

Hydrogen Peroxide demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and bacteria spores.

H2O2 in a 0,5% concentration has been shown to inactivate viruses in under 1 minute. This includes Covid-19 and influenza viruses.

Medical papers supporting this can be found under our "H2O2 Covid" menu tab.

OH! Nasal may therefore prove effective for colds, flu, viral, bacterial and fungal infections. It has also been known to be used for allergies.

Dosages: 1 to 2 sprays in each nostril, 2 to 3 times daily.

If you are experiencing a lot of mucous wait one or two minutes after spraying and blow your nose repeatedly and then repeat the dosage. This may be repeated until the mucous becomes clear.

If any discomfort or stinging is experienced dilute with a little purified, bottled or boiled water.

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