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OH! Products, manufactures and distributes a range of

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Products 

Established in 2014
We were the
1st in South Africa
To offer 1% and 3% Food Grade 
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Food  Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Natures Disinfectant!

Peroxide, sounds frightening, but it is merely a chemical term describing a molecule with two bonded atoms of oxygen.  As such, Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of two completely natural, non-toxic core elements Water and Oxygen.

Water (H2O) + Oxygen (O) = Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

It is merely Water with an extra atom of Oxygen. 

You don’t get more natural than that!

Several thousand articles, including those published in medical journals, show that when hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with organic pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus the energy generated and the release of the extra oxygen atom oxidises and inactivates them!

H2O2 is seen as a natural "antibiotic" and an exceptional "disinfectant".

Equally effective for Health, Home and Garden.  

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OH! Products


South Africa

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